Saturday, 21 February 2009

Brands should take note of Gordon Ramsay’s success formula.

I just watched Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (on US soil). The programme story is always the same.

Ramsey arrives at a restaurant that is failing and it quickly becomes apparent why: Poor leadership, rubbish food, run-down decor and rude staff. The obvious result....very few customers.

He usually manages to turn it round by getting the owner to understand that they need to make some big changes. (To do this Ramsay uses a combination of his strong personality, a bit of charm and heavy use of the F-word.)

His formula is simple:

·         Offer good quality food at a fair price.

·         Deliver customers what you promise.

·         Delight them with great service.

It isn’t rocket science. If you can promise, deliver and delight customers they come back. They may even tell their friends about you.

More brand organisations should follow this simple formula; the trouble is they generally don’t have a Ramsey type to help them face-up to the increasingly urgent need for change.

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