Friday, 6 February 2009

Retailers have to focus on customer service in these challenging times

CNN Money has just published on article with some excellent advice for retailers that are struggling with consumers who are currently wary of spending.

They quote various experts who say that to survive in 2009 retailers have to aggressively court reluctant consumers with exciting products, prices, and service.

The main tips are to focus on the basics:

· Don’t neglect customer service.
· Have the right number of staff at the right time.
· Avoid discount mania.
· Find ways to add value beyond price.

This is not complicated.

Deliver brand experiences that entertain to turn potential shoppers into buyers. Deliver brand experiences that excite to encourage consumers to buy again. Deliver brand experiences that delight to turn shoppers into advocates.

Retailers should focus on planning their brand experience strategy with care. This has to include making sure that their front-line teams are trained to deliver a great brand experience consistently and enthusiastically.

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