Saturday, 21 February 2009

Positive consumer experience leads to greater loyalty

This headline should be no big surprise. I think most people understand that good customer service is critical.

An article in Adweek highlights a recent Forrester report that shows just how crucial a positive customer experience can be. Forrester surveyed 4,500 US consumers and asked them about their interactions with 100+ brand-name organisations.

It found that a good experience correlates with a willingness to repurchase a product or service, a reluctance to switch and a likelihood to spread a positive word-of-mouth endorsement.

The message couldn’t be clearer.

Brands need to find ways to delight consumers with great brand experiences. It is by doing this that brands can encourage consumers down the path to advocacy.

To survive and thrive in the tough economic times we face today there is even more urgency for brands to pay attention to this key challenge.

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